2018 Crane Watchers Special  (See Below)

Stay at the nearby Pioneer Village Motel—
just 10 miles from the Highest Crane Concentration

Every spring, they come...

A half million of them. Most of the sandhill cranes on this earth. And for a long, splendid month in March and early April they live and dance along the Platte River north of Minden, Nebraska. There may be a whooping crane among them, traveling along to Arctic nesting grounds. Together, these magnificent birds represent one of Nature's most unforgettable spectacles.


Watch the Cranes in the early morning, rest and relax among the 50,000 historic items in the Pioneer Village during the afternoon and return to see the Cranes gather at sunset...a perfect day.  We are offering a special package that includes two 2 day admission tickets to the Pioneer Village and one night lodging. (See details below)


At sunrise and sunset, the old railroad bridge a mile north of Fort Kearny is the ideal place to watch the cranes. Plan on arriving a half-hour before sunrise and staying a half-hour after sunset. Seats and parking are plentiful.


Another good location for watching the cranes leave and come back to the roost is the south bridge over the Platte River on Highway 10—park your car just south of the bridge.


During the day, the cranes feed in the cornfields along Highways 50 and 10. It's important that you stay in your car to watch the birds; they are extremely wary of persons on foot.



 2018 Crane Watchers Special 



Watch here for details later this year.







Ideal Crane-watching Times

Sunrise and sunset are ideal crane-watching times, as the birds come to roost on the Platte River and then leave again at dawn.





March 1

7:13 AM CST

6:25 PM CST

March 15

7:51 AM CDT

7:43 PM CDT 

April 1
7:23 AM CDT
8:02 PM CDT


The nearest, best accommodations for your trip to Crane Country can be found at the Pioneer Village Motel or Pioneer Village Campgrounds. Call 1-800-445-4447.


Enjoy our Motel and Museum when you come to see the nearby Sandhill Cranes.

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