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Local Support

Thanks for checking out what’s available. For local volunteers your opportunities range from very large commitments to very small ones.  Please click on the highlighted links to see more about the program


If your interesting in “ADOPTING” a building that could be a big undertaking which could literally include building repairs, painting, shingling as well as cleaning and maintaining the inside of the building and all of the artifacts therein. Sometimes those tasks can be assigned to specific volunteers, or you may want to sign up as a “group” dedicated to adopting a building. If you’re interested in ADOPTING Artifacts, please register and in your information outline what you imagine doing, and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you.


Scheduled volunteers are those who wish to identify an appointed time to work every period. For example “every Tuesday from 9:00am to noon”, or perhaps “all day the first thursday of every monthy”, or “I’d like to work every Wednesday afternoon”. Whatever it is that you could select would be valuable, even if you said I can work 1 day every three months, every hand helps. So please register, and indicate the sort of contribution you would like to make and propose a schedule that would work for you.

Now… you can also “schedule” a group. That would require you to register and suggest the sort of group, likely number, and then allow the Volunteer Coordinator to reach out to you for more details.


There are tasks that almost always need attention, the FREE WILL volunteer is a person who just shows up when they have time. It might be a “specific responsibility” (such as keep such-n-such area swept & dusted”)  Or just a volunteer walking in unannounced and asking if there’s anything you can do today? In any case, we’ll need you to register and at least let us know what you like doin and what you’re good at. 

Other activities include:

Remote Support

It is not uncommon for our visitors when they asked “is there any way I can help?”.

Of course, donations are always welcome, but if you’d really rather get your hands into a project for the village, you don’t have to be here to be helpful. This area lists tasks that can be handled from a distance. Transcribing documents, doing research, writing lesson plans, seeking out funding and so forth. Please register and your talents and ideas, our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you!

Other activities include:

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