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Harold Warp Pioneer Village is the place to visit to learn all about history! All the way from campgrounds encompassed by nature to buildings and artifacts that are decorated with history in and of themselves. Pioneer Village is a fantastic place to take a quick look into the past. 

Let’s start off with a little background. Pioneer Village was established in 1953 and has been steadfast in enabling people to take a deep dive into the past accompanying 20 acres of land with over 50,000 historical artifacts and 28 buildings that enable visitors to get a feeling of older times. These artifacts and buildings are not just interesting to look at and explore, but all have a backstory that will help tell a story to the tourists. 

One of the buildings that Pioneer Village has to offer is the Lowell depot. According to the attractions section on the Pioneer Village website, “The Lowell depot was around from 1872 to 1882, during homesteading days, this was the western terminus of the B & M Railroad. Two early-day locomotives and a narrow-gauge caboose are displayed in front of the depot. During restoration seven worn out floors were discovered, each on top of the other, in the depot.” These floors had been worn out due to the fact that back in the day people would constantly commute through this part of the town and over years of wear and tear from the foot traffic, the floors began to wear out. Imagine putting yourself in the shoes of the people from the past. Getting to and from destinations was not as easy as it is today, therefore, people would ride the train. Everyday people would show up to the Lowell depot and wait patiently for their morning train to arrive. People rode two large locomotives every day. Back then people would arrive at the depot with the day’s newspaper in one hand and briefcase in the other and would prepare for a long day’s work. While people that occupied the village would tend to their shops or blacksmithing stations or maybe just out in the fields chopping trees down for logs, people from all over would come to the depot each and every day and get to be around the great town that is pioneer village. With that, people that would come to the village that had some time before they had to catch their train could go and see all of the wonderful shops that the village had to offer. Back in those times it was always very important to be clean cut and shaved so one may want to go visit the barber quick just to spruce up a bit. But that’s not all that people could do. The options were endless. Visiting the Lowell depot is a once in a lifetime experience!

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