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Here at Pioneer Village there are endless amounts of historic things to see. There is something interesting for all kinds of people here, including many examples of periodic clothing.

There are many different outfits on display from the years 1920-1960. These outfits range from different colors to different occasions. It is very fascinating to see what was the normal style of this time. Here at Pioneer Village we have a nightgown and underskirts with eyelet embroidery from 1952. These items arrived here because our very own Sister Clara obtained them from a closed general store in Moorefield, Nebraska in -2 degree weather. She loaded these boxes of clothing up and made this trip in the harsh winter weather.

We also have many gorgeous corsets and dresses from the Pioneer Era on display for all to see. The dress that is a must see is the beautiful golden wedding dress from McCook, Nebraska that was featured in Life Magazine. This dress was once a part of a bride’s special wedding day. This amazing dress can be found here at Pioneer Village next to an article of the history of the dress from 1962.


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