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Come stay with us!  Contact us for availability and opening dates at:  (308) 832-1181

The upcoming warm months are great times to camp outdoors in Minden at The Harold Warp Pioneer Village. You can choose to stay here May through October for your family vacation. You may plan to visit Pioneer Village attractions for a day but wish to stay for the weekend to get the full experience.

Come and stay to visit the local activities and attractions. Pioneer Village’s campground offers 135 spaces to accommodate your camping needs. So, whether you chose an RV or tent camping, many amenities such as water, electricity, and Wi-Fi, are readily available to you. The campground sites are conveniently located with numerous electrical and water hookups, picnic tables for outdoor gathering, restrooms, and showers. In addition, shaded or unshaded space is available to make your stay comfortable. Meeting space and group rates available makes for a perfect place to host a family or class reunion, wedding, or just a weekend getaway, with the village being a great option for entertainment. There are many amenities that are included with your overnight stay at the campground and it is also easy to reserve! Request a reservation on their website, check availability, and compare pricing with just a few clicks or phone calls.  Our campgrounds promise to make your overnight stay great, and they can ensure that if you chose to stay overnight, you can reenter the next day on the same admission fee. You truly can camp your way. 

The Harold Warp Pioneer Village Campgrounds offer many things to look forward to. 

With the volunteers from The Year of the Volunteer coming to renovate the grounds of Pioneer Village, the amenities will only get better. You can look forward to maintained grounds that offer bonfire activities, more shaded area, and an overall improved stay for the overnight experience. With that being said, they will have more space to accommodate you and your guests. Not only will they offer camping in tents and RVs, but, they will also give you the choice of staying in a wagon. This experience would be such a unique overnight stay. More information is to come,  so stay in touch!

The upcoming warmer months are approaching, and Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska can accommodate your RV road trip! Water, electricity, shade, and Wi-Fi will make your weekend getaway the perfect stay. Book now, and Pioneer Village looks forward to seeing you soon and catering to your needs. Camp tonight, and re-enter tomorrow! 

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