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As you are cruising down the road and enjoying some tunes on your favorite radio station, or speeding down the interstate with adrenaline rushing through your veins, has it ever came to mind how long your car has come and how it has gotten to be the way it is? 

It could be a brand new car, fresh out the dealership, or a hand-me-down from your parents. Every single car has a history and a transformation that it has been through to look and function the way it does when you are enjoying all of its attributes and things it has to offer. Well, if you were wondering that same thing, you can now find out more about your vehicle’s history and the world of automobiles in America at the Harold Warp Pioneer Village museum in the beautiful town of Minden, Nebraska. 

This museum takes you on a trip through time, through 28 buildings on twenty acres of land, and more than 50,000 historical items that are priceless to the history and transformation of the United States. A little over 350 of those items are real life cars that are spread out between several buildings each teaching many things you probably didn’t know about automobiles and their evolution. 

The point of these buildings is to teach you and show you how far the world of the automobiles has come and how the transformations have changed the lives of many, creating industries that only keep growing and developing with time. Not only is this a cool exhibit for adults, but it is an amazing place for children to see how much things have changed over the last century. 

Throughout these car buildings you can see how everything first started, with carts being pulled by horses, and then moving on steam engines, and eventually discovering the gas-powered engine. One of the most popular and known cars in this exhibit is Henry Ford’s Model T, a vehicle that would change the industry forever. 

You really can travel through time as you are walking down rows and rows of cars. You start off with the older models 

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