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Harold Warp Pioneer Village (Minden, NE) enlists the support of local Antique Tractor Enthusiast, the National IH Collectors Club, and social media to help restore the Museum’s Farmall F-20 Tractor

If you have not had the genuine good fortune of visiting Harold Warp Pioneer Village (Minden, NE), it is a must-see ‘Bucket List’ add to learn about the incredible history of “How America Grew.” Since the Museum’s start in 1953, Harold Warp Pioneer Village (located in the heart of the Nation’s farm country,) has stayed true to its Founder’s vision – to preserve our history for future generations – Values that align with those of Michael Hinton, Founder of Antique Tractor Preservation Day and, whose vision it is to preserve America’s Heritage farm machinery and promote our proud agricultural history.

In 2022, the Pioneer Village Board of Directors took steps to ensure the Museum continues to share our Nation’s history with future generations, when it voted to auction off some of Harold Warp’s personal collection, to preserve and restore other pieces. Enter Nebraska antique tractor enthusiast Howard Raymond, who the Museum enlisted to restore its 1935 Farmall F-20 Tractor that is part of the Harold Warp Pioneer Village collection. The Farmall F-20 is a medium-sized, two-plow row crop tractor produced by International Harvester under the Farmall brand from 1932 to 1939, with approximately 148,000 produced.

Howard has taken to social media to enlist the support of National IH (International Harvester) Collectors Club members, along with any & all interested parties, to assist with restoring the Museum’s tractor later this Summer (May 31- June 2). Howard’s use of online networking is drawing vast interest globally – both in respect to the restoration project itself and the Museum – Technology that Harold Warp himself would have almost certainly loved to have utilized back in the day, in place of and/or in addition to the countless number of Harold Warp Pioneer Village (Minden, NE) Signs that dot the plains of Northern Kansas and Southern Nebraska.

“The Pioneer Village Board of Directors greatly appreciate the donation of time and expertise that Howard Raymond and others are providing in support of this restoration project,” stated Museum Director William Ascarza. Adding, “We are also thankful to Michael Hinton, for telling and sharing our story. ” Hinton vows to stay close to this project and provide frequent updates during the tractor’s restoration process, through its final completion.

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